This multi function learning tower is also an activity desk and a high chair with feeding table, and can be fitted with accessories for more functions.

Suited for the use of two children, Leea's tower XL is 50% larger than the normal size.


- three levels of feet board height
- mobile, on wheels
- main functions: learning tower, high chair, activity desk (for up to two children) , baby feeding table

- by adding accessories it can become a slide, a blackboard, a magnetic board

- activity boards can be added: Montessori mirror with pull-up bar, lock doors board, colored pegs board, transparent acrylic board.
- 10 colors choice

height: - 93 cm to kitchen countertop, 98 cm to the back
base lenght - 50 cm
base width: - 58 cm
feet platform height to the ground: - 35, 42 and 49 cm
size of feet platform: 57/34 (XL size)

Available accessories (have to be ordered separately)

- slide with blackboard on its back (57/92 cm) - can be mounted in three levels of height, as well as vertically in the front or in the back of the tower

- felt protection - closes the standing place on all sides, and is required for the setup of the feeding chair

- paper roll (54 cm/50m , 90 gr. plotter paper)

- lock doors board (57/80 cm)

- colored pegs board (57/80 cm)

- transparent acryl board (57/80 cm)



Material: birch plywood.

Finish : lacquer and paint in water base colors (ICA Italy)


*The product can be returned in 14 days after purchase, less transport cost.

**The transparent tower in the pictures was created only for showing the inside of the tower and is not for sale.



Use only under adult supervision!



Leea's XL tower

PriceFrom €234.00
Excluding Sales Tax
felt wrap
slide with blackboard or magnetic blackboard
  • This multi functional learning tower is also an activity desk, a high chair and includes also a shape sorter game. By adding accessories , it can turn into a feeding table, a slide, a blackboard/magnetic board, a Montessori mirror and a table hockey set.


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