•This Convertible Play Furniture allows your toddler to be next to you  right up to countertop height. Adjust the platform to 35, 42 and 49 cm to keep it at the perfect height for your growing child.

•Thanks to its unique design which can function as a learning tower, a high bench and an activity desk, a slide, a blackboard and a table hockey game.

• You will also receive a set of three simple shapes that fit the engravings on the stepstair of the tower.

•You can add accessories to Leea’s tower:  a lock doors board, a colored pegs board, a baby chair that is also a baby swing,  and many more.  

• The felt wrap can be used for complete space closure and for setting the baby feeding table.

•Easy to move from one place to another, thanks to the detachable wheels.

•Encourages family togetherness in the kitchen. There is no better way to spend time with your child than including them in the kitchen. Encourages childhood independence as children climb in the tower and stand at counter-top height to watch you cook or help prepare meals. Your child can also engage in other activities such drawing, sliding, climbing the ramp, and many other other activities.

height: - 93 cm to kitchen countertop, 98 cm to the back
base length - 50 cm
base width: - 41 cm for normal size, 56 cm for XL size
feet platform/ height to the ground: - 35, 42 and 49 cm
size of feet platform (L/l) :
- 40/34 cm for normal size, 
- 40/29 cm for SLIM size
- 56/34 cm for XL size


Available accessories:


- Baby chair with feeding tray that can either be placed on the top of th3 tower, or can become a baby swing thanks to the set of adjustable hanging ropes included.

-    Paper roll, fits easily inside of the tower, and can be unrolled over the activity desk or over the blackboard.

-    Activity boards – easy to mount either in front, or in the back of the tower. 
o    Lock doors board
o    Pegs board
o    Pathways board
o    Transparent board
o    Mirror with pull-up bar

-    LEGO and Duplo table, compatible with the activity desk setup.


-    Shuffleboard set


-    Stepstool that is compatible with the slide board. With this stepstool you can organize a low height slide/ramp for a small child, and later you can use it as stepstool, little bench, little chair or even as stander for the blackboard.


Leea’s tower has a number of features that make is unique on the market:

-    It can be completely closed or compeletly open, this way it can be adjusted according to any child’s skills, size  and age
-    It can be easily moved aruond thanks to the wheels in the rear
-    The activity desk can accommodate two kids at once
-    The slide or any activity board can stay attached to the tower, becoming basically part of it
-    The M size tower can be later upgraded to an XL size


Leea’s Tower has recently won a series of important international design contests, being nominated WINNER in the 2021 iF Design Award, being awarded the Silver prize in the 2020 Novum design award.


Recommended use: 1-5 yrs

Material: birch plywood.

Finish : lacquer and paint in water base colors (ICA)

Always use under adult supervision!


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  • This multi function learning tower is also an activity desk, a high chair with feeding table, a slide and a blackboard,  and can be fitted with accessories for more functions.

    - three levels of feet board height
    - mobile, on wheels

    - 10 colors choice